I enjoyed revisiting this blog post from February 2011, as I have once again been working with aspen trees, apertures and concertinas.

the starbook

I’ve had one of those wonderful days today where I was able to give undivided time and attention to mastering a new technique.  I am practicing some new book forms, always looking for new ways to express what my hands want to say, as well as having new and interesting techniques to share with others when they ask for playshops with me. 

Today, I wanted to practice a different type of concertina or accordion book utilising apertures and cutouts.  I never tire of creating books with apertures and views, and can’t seem to work fast or often enough to create all the ways I find to express this. 

The aperture and the doorway perpetually fascinate me.  I return again and again to the theme, photograph doors and doorways everywhere I have travelled.  I have built up a huge collection of photographs of doors and doorways, both humble and grand.  Last week, some of my favourite…

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