This blog is already nearing its second anniversary.  I’m surprised!  I really appreciate your continued tolerance of my musings, and your ongoing interest in my work.

I get updates regularly on what people are reading.  It is a normal human impulse to seek connection.  At the library where I work, there are many patrons who never make it past the shelving carts, because they are most interested in what other people are reading.  So, today, I am sharing those most popular posts with you, both popular with my readers and some of my favourites.  It has been fun and thought-provoking for me to revisit my posts and chart progress over the last two exciting and exhilarating years.  There is so much more to come as we wind toward 2013.  I hope you’ll keep reading.

Paper box, size 5

Top Posts of All Time

1.  The Rough Road

2.  Make a Pretty Petal Card

3.  The Wheel

“The Wheel” detail

My favourite memories

1.  A journey of the soul

2.  The art of living on the land

Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson, 1970 (photo by Scott Haeffner)

3.  Listening to the wind

4.  The telling of a story, and part 2: The story develops

I hope you enjoy revisiting some of these as much as I have.  Thank you for walking along with me on this journey.  It’s great to have company, and I look forward to walking a few more miles with you.