I am finally catching up with my backlog of work and deadlines!  Time got away from me with more urgent deadlines, including my trip to Interweave in Colorado to film a workshop DVD for their CPS Workshops series.  I’ve also been writing, photographing and filming an article for the upcoming release of ‘Art Journalling Exposed’, Interweave’s new emag.  I finally got workshop proposals for CREATE Chicago finished and have been able to turn my attention to two things that have been waiting patiently.  Thank you all who have been waiting for me so uncomplainingly.

The first project to finalise was my work on the Altered Books Round Robin, Round 3.  As you may recall, this is a copy of ‘Patterns of the Earth’, published by Phaedon.  Click here for the original post on this round.  I wanted to update you on the work I ended up doing in this volume.

I found it hard to alter this treasure of a book, and so in the end I decided that I would merely add to it with transparent overlays of some of my own images depicting patterns of the earth.  I ended up going further . . .  what a surprise!  As is my way, the patterns of the earth echo patterns of the mind and soul and I was put in mind of quotations that related to the patterns depicted in some of the photographs.  I made several alterations in the end:

In the ‘Bands, Stripes and Ripples’ section, I added an overlay of striated rock, to which I added a quote from Matisyahu:

Strip away the layers and reveal your soul.
Give yourself up and then you become whole.

and also a subtle overlay of rushing water, bearing a quotation from Mother Teresa:

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast
a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

In the ‘Circles and Spots’ section, I overlaid another translucent overlay of perfectly circular raindrops on a leaf, with a quote from T. S. Eliot:

We must never cease from exploration.  And the
end of all our exploring will be to arrive where
we began and to know the place for the first time.

In the ‘Forks and Branches’ section, I overlaid a transparent image of frost feathers on glass I had taken a few years ago, over a branching river image. I didn’t find this particular project easy, and the work that came out, though it bore my characteristic flavour, was very different in style from my usual work.  Which, after all, is exactly the point of the exercise.  December’s project will follow soon.