I’m not one of those artists who hates work they’ve done in the past (well, not all of it anyway).  Of course, there are always those pieces that didn’t work as well as I thought they would.  There is actually only one piece that I really do think “what on earth was I thinking!?”.  From time to time, I like to revisit old pieces, and especially revisit themes I’ve used in the past.  I’ve grown and changed, my perspective on life has grown and changed over the time, and it can be very interesting to see how I reimagine or reinterpret a theme today. 

One piece I have always loved, and which hangs over my computer desk is called “Mysteries”.  It is one of the bas-relief pieces I created several years ago and is about 2ft square.  The canvas is a rich and textured deep teal, and its surface is built up and carved back in patterns of celtic knotwork and spirals.  These motifs are powerful talismans for me, and have worked their way into most of the work I still do today, and I find I look at the words incorporated into this piece and still feel the flow of peace through me that they engender:  ” . . . Strength . . . Substance . . . Wisdom . . . . . Trust the ancient flow . . .  .  eternal flow of energy . . . . circles of serenity and stillness . . .  an ancient sense of being . . . ”  These are words that had stood out to me from a book I was reading called “The Message of Sacred Places” by T. C. McLuhan.  It is a book of quotations and essays that I love and have turned to repeatedly over many years as one whose content touches me in a deeply spiritual place of connection to our natural world. 

Of late, I have felt a desire growing in me to reinterpret this piece into an artist’s book.  I think the bas-relief texture would work so well on a book cover, perhaps with leather.  I see the content of this book reimagining some of these sacred places, or aspects of them that speak to me.  And suddenly, I have another project in the making . . .