. . .  catch an opportunity by the toe . . .

Leaving Smutt's Pass, August 2011

In keeping with the sense of trajectory that has pervaded my life of late, I am once again in a furore of preparation.  For perhaps the first time in my life, I have awaited the end of summer with barely-concealed impatience.  When the sun is high and the fields are dry and the season is short, housework and homework and studiowork are tossed to the winds in subjugation to the Goddess of Summer.  Every half-acceptable day drives us outdoors to fill our lungs and our Vitamin D stores while we can with hikes and canoes and camps.  Yet, my slate has been full, deadline after deadline after deadline to meet on the seemingly never-ending parade of lush opportunities ushering me along a path of career development.

In the usual synchronicity of life, I have watched my 12-year-old daughter dreaming and drooling over art school websites as we used to dream and drool over the Sears Christmas Catalogue.  I have listened to her talk about how hard it will be to choose between her loves:  visual art versus performing art.  I am transported back to my own days of choice-making, where there were several avenues open that beckoned with something I loved: art, music or the written word.  To find myself once again in that place of choice-making at this time in my life surprises me.  Pleasantly.

As you are building your career, it is easy to be tempted into every opportunity that comes your way.  It has its place.  Over the years since I gave my life over to my creativity, I have explored and experienced many avenues, some of which have become part of my annual lexicon, others that will not be repeated.  Yet all of them form threads that have woven themselves together into the chord of my creative life, with the tensile strength of steel.  I have grown and developed through those experiences, I have learned who the artist in me is.  But it is equally important to learn through these experiences who the artist in me is not.  Each new project, each new experience allowed me to explore my borders and boundaries, to learn what it means to be ‘Dea Fischer, Artist’.

I have the sense of a turning point in my career of late.  Significant events like publication and invitations to teach have pushed my career upward onto the next plane of existence.  Suddenly, the prospects and opportunities coming to me are all of excellent quality, and each can carry me forward, provide learning and experience, fun and enjoyment and many new acquaintances in my ever-burgeoning circle of contacts worldwide. 

And it is this that brings me once again to the place of choices.  Now, I must be discerning.  I must husband my time and my strength, create and retain space in my spirit and in my life for fresh creation amongst the activities.  The temptation remains the same to chase every opportunity, eager to experience, eager to take part.  A blossoming wisdom is taking place of the ‘yes’.  I am giving myself time to pause and consider each opportunity in the context of my overall plan, my desired direction, and really examine the long-term benefit or ‘rightness’ of each opportunity.  I am asking myself some tough questions about where exactly I want to go, applying some gently shaping hands to the otherwise organic growth my creative life has undergone so far.  2012 is shaping up to be another interesting year.  I’ll keep you posted as things develop!