I’ve been benefitting enormously from the link sharing I receive through Facebook, and some of the blogs I follow.  I thought this week, it would be fun to share with you some of my favourite links.  There are some cracking good resources here that I enjoy visiting over and over again.  Have fun browsing . . .

Junk Gypsy Co.


The online shop I am most currently in love with is Gypsyville by the Junk Gypsy Company. 

I hardly know where to begin with this, be it the blog, or the resources or the tongue-in-cheek animated graphics, or the irresistable shop.  It’s fun, it’s jaw dropping, it’s vintage style like you’ve never seen it before, and it will win you over lock, stock and two smokin’ barrels. 

The fulfilling dream of three Sikes women:  Aime, Janie and  mother Jolie, they had me at the first picture of the Airstream . . . . The deeper I get into their wonderful site, the more I find to love.  Take a browse and get inspired.



A place that has become a real favourite of mine is Uppercase Gallery.  Website, gallery, small press AND magazine, expressed as being for “the creative and curious”. 

I first met Janine Vangool, the visionary diva behind this array of utter vintage-inspired deliciousness, in Banff a few years ago.  She was visiting for Banff Culture Days in her gorgeous little caravan to run a free button-making workshop on Banff’s streets.  Well, boxes of ephemera and several gorgeous buttons later,  we got to chatting and I learned of the magazine of the same name that Janine publishes.  Since that time, I’ve consumed every issue, visited the gallery in Calgary’s Art Central often and participated in an exhibition and collaborative art project at the gallery.  Janine is the brains behind the whole operation, but is also the eye behind the camera on the atmospheric and vintage-feel photography.  Her stark white backgrounds showcase the collections and artwork to perfection. 

I’m always on the lookout for inspiration, and particularly enjoy ways of reducing the amount of waste paper flowing into my home (need to keep LOTS of room for the stashy papers and back issues of Cloth Paper Scissors ;-)).  Imagine my delight, therefore, to discover an online magazine dedicated to my favourite subject?  Altered Arts Magazine, otherwise known as The Mailbox Muse is a publication is now only available online and caters to the dedicated mixed media artist .  Check out the ‘miscellaneous’ page in the shop to find some great ephemera packs at super-low prices.

I am not normally one to push any particular product, and normally won’t.  However, in my collage and mixed media work, I use alot of acrylic mediums of different varieties.  I am, I have to say, wedded heart and soul to Golden

Golden acrylic mediums

Acrylics for that purpose.  I’m fortunate to live in an area where we have an active Golden Working Artist, who comes regularly to run demonstrations and workshops (and bring us fabulous free samples, no less).  The array of products Golden offers for these purposes seems limitless.  Best of all, Golden provides a full catalogue of video tutorials and demonstrations on using their products.  I don’t purely paint all that often, but I have learned so much from Golden, from their Working Artists  and from these videos for the applications I utilise in my work that they’ve really won me over. 

Well folks, I think that’s all for today.  Next time, I’ll share some of the blogs I’m following for fun and learning.  Have a great day!