The post brought me a long awaited gift
today:  my advance copy of CPS Studios magazine!  After meeting the lovely Linda Blinn, Editor of CPS Studios at CREATE
Costa Mesa this spring, she blessed me with an invitation to feature my studio in the fall issue.  And . . . drumroll please . . . here it is!

It really is quite an issue.  I’ve always taken voyeuristic pleasure in this publication.  Looking into another artist’s workspace is like looking into their mind and heart (not least of which the chance to snag neat storage and decoration ideas ;-)).  This issue is particularly rich in inspiration, the covers packed with the most inspiring, richly coloured, aesthetically pleasing spaces I’ve seen so far.  It’s a treat and a privilege to join the ranks of artists and craftspeople opening their personal workspaces to the public gaze.  So come on in, share a cup of tea, feel free to browse and ask questions.  I hope you’ll stay awhile and return often.  With the aid of CPS Studios, my door is always open.  And no, it is no longer as tidy as this.  I’m a collage artist after all.  What do you expect!?  Thanks for stopping by!