Sometimes, you have to wait for fate to intervene.  A life-long lesson has been to sit back and wait for something to unfold if it is meant to; to not try to control the outcome or encourage it in the direction I would like it to go.   As I’ve gradually learned that lesson, as I’ve put my needs and desires out to the universe and sat back to wait, I have more and more frequently been rewarded by the most astonishing gifts.  I will be truthful, that is not always the case.  The last week brought me both.  The first was a gift that came to me nearly two years ago.  It has carried me on a long, winding  road that has been both joyous and painful.  This week, it finally brought me to a blank dead end that has made me ask what on earth any of it was for.  I’ll be working for a long time on understanding the lessons I am meant to learn from that one. 

Yet the very same week brought me the precious gift of a new friend and collaborator with whom I simply can’t wait to work.  Tiffany Teske’s was a name I had often heard over the years I’ve lived in this Rockies valley.   I had seen a little of her work, and stumbled across her name in many of the same circles in which I have been moving, including Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  Yet somehow, in the seven years I have lived here, we had never quite managed to meet.   We know alot of the same people and move in circles that regularly intersect, I guess just not at the moment when we are both in them.   

Last weekend was our uber-wonderful artsPeak Festival of the Arts.  I was leading the free community mail art workshop on Saturday, but on Sunday I did manage to get along to Spring Creek to see some of the artists and visit with a couple of friends.  I only had time to go into one of the working studios . . . Who knew there was a new friend waiting but a few steps away?   I guess it wasn’t time yet.  Stay with me, it gets better! 

Late in the afternoon, I had promised to go back to retrieve a beautiful bouquet of fresh lilacs from the lovely Annie Froese .  As we were saying our goodbyes, my husband said he really wanted me to step down to the next studio, as there was something he thought I would want to see . . .

And there, amongst some of the loveliest and most haunting photographic images I have ever seen, was Tiffany.  She took one look at Phil, and then at me and said “I know who you are!”  A five minute stop-in turned into a 45 minute visit full of ‘why haven’t we met before?’.  We parted new friends and with our minds teeming with ideas for how we might work together. 

Today, eager not to let time and life get between us while the energy was high, we met for lunch at the Wild Flour Bakery in Banff’s Bison Courtyard to share the delicious roasted yam/pecan soup (and fiery Mexican chocolate cookies!), and to fasten down the corners of this friendship.  We hardly stopped for breath and stumbled over each other often until we found rhythm.  Little glimpses of another soul like mine who is living her passion on every level, and who seems to ‘get it’ found us nearly three hours later reluctantly parting company.  You may be sure we had some collaboration projects and the next time we will meet firmly established before we parted!

I am so excited to work with Tiffany.  The collaborations we are discussing take my breath away.  They are projects I’ve thought of and dreamed of for a very long time, but that needed just the right partner to move forward with them.  I’m sure not jinxing anything by telling you what we’re talking about yet, but that evolution I’ve been talking about is upon us.  I’ve got a powerful feeling that this artist is going to be an important part of it.  And I’m thanking Fate for taking that hand.  I’ve been waiting.  I’ve been patient.  It’s time.  Thank you Fate.