One of the nicest things about preparing for a workshop like the “Mail Me Some Art” mail art workshop I will be conducting for artsPeak next Saturday is . . . well, . . . the preparation.  An undiluted excuse to play!  I wasn’t feeling too well on Friday, so I curled up in the afternoon with some materials and started to create some samples.  I liked this form so much, I thought I would give you a little taster of what you might get to do if you come along on June 18th.  And remember . . . . the workshop is FREE!

Now isn’t that just so pretty?  We are going to have so much fun creating artwork on existing envelopes or making our own from scratch to create art on.  We’ll have mixed media materials as well as rubber stamps, drawing and painting materials for creating your own artwork.  I thought you would enjoy learning how to make this little gem.  It is very easy!  So, let’s go:

Make a Petal Card

This form works very well with heavier weight double-sided scrapbooking paper.  In this tutorial, I used Graphic 45’s ‘Bona Fide #4500109’ from their Renaissance Faire Collection.  In the pictures above, I glued three layers of paper together to give me the design and weight I wanted.  TIP:  If you choose to glue two lighter sheets together back to back, ensure you glue with a stick or spray adhesive to avoid wetting the paper too much (I always come back to UHU) and rub down or roller carefully to avoid any bubbles.  A wet glue will make the paper buckle, and the two papers may not expand at the same rate, creating unsightly cockling and bubbling. 

Step 1:
Print the template to the desired size.  The sample was made from a template printed at full size on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.  Choose your paper for the card.

Step 2:
Lay the template out on your paper.  Look carefully at the design on your paper, decide which side will be inside/outside and arrange the template to make the most of the part of the design that will show.

Step 3:
Once you are satisfied with the positioning, draw carefully around the template with a soft pencil. 

Step 4:
Cut out carefully along the pencil line, either with scissors or a craft knife.

Step 5:
If you haven’t already done so, decide now which will be the inside and which the outside of the card.  This would be a good opportunity to add any content to the inside of the card.

Step 6:
On the inside of the card, and using a straight edge and a bone folder or blunt butter knife, carefully score the line at the base of each petal.  

Step 7:

Folding carefully on the score line, fold each petal in toward the centre.  Crease neatly and well with your bone folder.
Step 8:

Tuck the last petal folded over under the edge of the first petal so that they interlock.  Alternatively, as I have done above, you can stitch buttons and attach a chord, or punch holes and thread a ribbon through to hold the petals closed.  Decorate or label the front of your card and you are ready to send it. Now, wasn’t that (a) fun and (b) easy?  It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to look amazingly effective and take the breath away for the lucky recipient.  Have a go.  Better still, come on down to the Civic Centre classroom on Saturday, June 18 between 1 and 4pm.  Did I mention it’s FREE?  🙂