Finally recovering from a nasty virus, I spent a good few days laying around thinking about all the things I didn’t feel well enough to do.  It didn’t take long for my thoughts to turn to my next big adventure, and my steps to turn to my studio. 

Easter weekend, a fellow ‘stash junkie’ and I are venturing across western Canada to visit Salt Spring Island off the coast of British Columbia.  And why, I hear you ask, are you going there?  Oh, but just let me tell you why.  We are going to enjoy a weekend workshop with none other than Nick Bantock:  Nick is the super-fabulous author of the Griffin & Sabine series of books, “The Forgetting Room”, “The Venetian’s Wife” and other wonders of collage, mixed media art and storytelling.  We are spending a weekend immersing ourselves in the wonders of collage work a la Nick.  We had plans to snoop in Nick’s stash while he was out of the room, but alas, we won’t be working in his studio – rats :-D. 

What does any of this have to do with laying sick in bed for four days?  Only in that it gave me time to begin musing on what to take . . . or not to take . . . or to take . . .  or not to take.  Yes, I think you get the idea.  I was most deeply impressed by Evonne at my recent Book as Art workshop, who has a ‘travelling studio’ in a suitcase.  I could do that, I thought to myself.  My problem is that it would have to be a very large suitcase  to accommodate my voracious stash collecting habits.  And so I am trying to focus and take those extra-special little stash items I’ve been hoarding and saving for just the right project.  The bulk of my more pedestrian stash must stay at home.  Then, I begin to think about tools . . . .  I’m sorry Evonne, did you have just one suitcase?