Hard at work

Tired and replete from two full days leading a playshop on the ‘Book as Art’.  I am touched by how my artistic family expanded over this weekend.  To work with such a group is humbling.  Each participant as creatively developed as myself in their own field, such work- or playshops become opportunities for sharing skills and ideas, passing around information and sources, trading materials, techniques, laughter and hugs.  Those who came strangers to the room left as friends, and those who arrived as friends enjoyed this rich time deepening our bonds and our respect for each other’s creative vision.  And as far as I know, nobody bled on the paper . . . .

I want to thank Alice S., Alice W., Alison, Annie, Bill, my ‘gofer’ David, Evonne, Jill, Larissa, Linda, Marty, Meg, Millie, Natalie, Opal, Phil the Totally Trojan Husband (who got a fine bottle of single malt for his trouble) and Russ for diving in up to the neck, for their hard work, humour, hugs, laughter and appetite for creativity.  Enjoy the products and I look forward to playing with you again soon.  If anybody wants a little assistance with finishing that last stitching project, give me a call . . .  😉

The Book as Art 'show and tell'