Look what we’ve been up to!  For more than 20 years, my family and I have made our own Christmas crackers for the Christmas dinner table.  Our table, as you may have surmised, is red and white this year. 

All you need are:

  • some empty toilet rolls or same-sized rolls of card stock;
  • your choice of lovely papers;
  • ribbons, string or wire;
  • decorations and embellishments; 
  • things to put in the crackers; and, of course
  • the SNAP!  (Snaps can be obtained from any Michaels Store or from online suppliers);
  • double-sided tape and scissors. 

The crackers are personalised for each guest, both in decoration and content.   Sometimes, we put in toys, or candy or small gifts.  This year, they contain small gifts like jewellery, pocket knives, bookmarks and fishing flies, as well as chocolates.  Sometimes we do knock-knock jokes or puzzles, but this year, each cracker contains a tiny scroll bearing the meaning of the guest’s names and a fortune.   . . . Go on, try making your own!  It really is easy. 


Home-made Christmas crackers