What an incredible day it has been today.  To experience the coincidence of the Winter Solstice with a lunar eclipse has been the memory of a lifetime.  Can you feel the spiral of power?  I enjoyed participating in a crystal meditation today, and will participate in another worldwide meditation at 8pm.  This afternoon, I took time for a private meditation in which to collect my thoughts and intentions for my own life and for those I love and care about.  I felt an unusual focus, as though my intention were a beam or ray reaching out to touch each of the loved ones I visualised. 

Each day for three days, a question has entered my life that has stopped me in my tracks.  Questions that touched me deep inside and made me look at and contemplate my place, my direction, and the things I need to learn and characteristics I need to improve and develop.  2010 has been a very mixed year, one in which my professional development has taken a bound forward and is self-propelling along the designated route.  Health and relationships have been, let’s be frank, something of a bomb-site, so there has been much food for thought. 

A group I meet with regularly chose a topic for this month’s discussion:  What has been your greatest gift this year, and what will your gift be to the world in 2011?  A pretty simple question and yet one that had considerable effect on my own thoughts, and fed my meditations for the solstice.   The greatest gift I received in 2010 has been one of love, friendship and companionship of a kind I never dreamed possible.  I have experienced a gathering of souls around me that has changed my life, my world and my inner landscape profoundly.  As is often the way, my greatest gift has also been my greatest challenge!  The gift I hope to give the world in 2011 is one of creative energy, to reach further and ignite the spark of creativity in others, to share the passionate gift of creative energy I have received in service to my community.  So I put it out to you, what has been your greatest gift of the year?  And what will your gift to the world be for 2011?