vision board   I have been enjoying the blog of a colleague today.  Evonne talks of the effect of big change on our lives, and I so closely identify with what she has written here. My life has experienced several enormous shifts over the last year, some for the positive, some not. My lesson of the year seems to have been to let go, and it is a lesson I’ve had rammed down my throat more than once over the last year. I find myself thinking and wondering about control.  Do I find these lessons harsh because I fight against them?  Letting go of something I’ve fought hard for feels like a small death, defeat, that the universe has won and I have lost.  That somehow what I wanted and worked hard for was a wrong direction that must be adjusted. That makes it feel so like wasted energy, focus and attention. Change can be an incredible gift, an opportunity to learn and grow. Whatever it may be, it is inevitable.
And so, in answer to the questions of why I haven’t submitted work to the gallery (, I try to answer not with “I haven’t had time to create any new work” but with: “My life has been so filled with exciting new work, I’ve been hard at work in the studio on commissions and proposals. It just hasn’t been that kind of work . . .”.  No, it isn’t the work people have become accustomed to seeing from me, but it is exciting new frontiers and directions that are leading wonderful places.  Now that’s the way to embrace change, I think.  Don’t you?